Did you know that ONE blood donation can help save up to THREE lives?! Well it can! In 2016, the Awesome and Beyond Partners for Life team encouraged over 100 blood donations and we plan to surpass that number in 2017!!

In partnership with Canadian Blood Services and One MatchAwesome and Beyond has set an ambitious goal of encouraging at least 100 blood donations and as many potential stem cell donor registrations as we can get in 2017, in honour of our Program Champion, Kevin Guenter (Tanya’s husband) and many other people we know affected with blood cancer.

Kevin was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) on November 17, 2013. Unfortunately he did not respond to the targeted oral chemotherapy that, in most cases, successfully manages this type of blood cancer and he underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant on February 25, 2015. Since his Bone Marrow Transplant, Kevin has received several units of blood products to support his hemoglobin and platelets. Without blood donations, Kevin wouldn’t have survived. To learn more about the entire “Bloody Awesome Journey“, check out the BLOG!

KevinCollageTo be completely honest, before Kevin was diagnosed with Leukemia, blood and stem cell donation wasn’t something we ever gave a second thought about. You just don’t realize the importance of donating blood and/or stem cells until someone you love is affected by a disease that relies heavily on the generosity of others to keep them alive. We need to make more people aware of the importance and NEED of blood and stem cell donations. Doing so is our way of giving back.

“I know the thought of donating blood or stem cells can be terrifying. However, there are A LOT of misconceptions about the procedures. Well, let me assure you that they aren’t so bad. If you assume that you are not eligible to donate, don’t. I assumed that I couldn’t donate and I was wrong. Now I am a proud blood donor and I will be as long as it’s physically possible for me to donate safely. Unfortunately my stem cells are too old, BUT if I could donate them, I would in a heartbeat!” – Tanya Masse

If you live in Canada, you can join our Partners for Life team and start saving lives! We hold regular group blood donor clinics on the 4th Wednesday of every month between 6pm and 7pm (appointments must be booked with us) at the Canadian Blood Services permanent clinic in Kingston, Ontario on Gardiners Road. If you don’t live near the Kingston Area, no problem! You can donate at any CBS blood donor clinic in Canada as a member of our team.

Contact us today to find out how to sign up! Thanks for stopping by!